A Visual Poem (In Calico Colors)

I wanted to share a piece called “High Density” by Rosalie Gascoigne (1917 – 1999) because of the text and the colors she used. It is a visual poem–or Vispo–done in a beautiful calico palette. I can’t get it to embed correctly, so here it a link to it on the tumblr blog of visual poet Anatol Knotek:


Now that I did that, Zemanta/Wordpress is suggesting these other art works–in the calico palette. How can it tell what I mean by that?? I mean, is it making visual matches, or does the search feature understand what ‘calico’ means?

But wait! I guess I should have done my research before posting, hmm? Zemanta just knows Rosalie Gascoigne’s work when it sees her name. It didn’t give me her name with the captions provided (see below), but the first two are her work. I don’t know why the second one says “Gascoigne Monaro,” except that I learned she lived in the Monaro area (in Australia) at some point.

Here is a link to a gallery/site about her work:



Metropolis, 1999 (detail)

Metropolis, 1999 (detail) (Photo credit: aur2899)

gascoigne monaro

Gascoigne Monaro (Photo credit: One Thousand Words)

Poem and calligraph

Poem and calligraph (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Writers and Kitties

It’s not my title, but the title of a great Tumblr featuring cool, mostly B & W photos of writers and poets with their cats. I wanted to feature this color photo of William S. Burroughs because it features a calico!

Whoever says writing is a solitary occupation is hiding something, at least any writer with a cat. These photos could make me weep–Sartre with a cat in his lap? Beckett, in a bare apartment, kneeling down to call two cats?

Any cat owner who writes, or reads, or does anything sitting down for that matter, knows that a cat is all over it all the time. Literally.

Which one is your favorite?

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