Calico Sells, Part 3: It’s Beagles All The Way Down!

I said I’d post more photos of all the products I found in Petco using images of a calico or a tricolor dog or other critter, so here they are.

I guessed that about about 50% of the products for dogs use a tricolor dog. And out of that 50%, about 80% are images of beagles (if that makes sense!).

Since I can’t upload photos of 50% of the products for dogs that Petco carries, I’ll just share these. I’m short- changing the beagles just so I can show some other cute tricolor dog photos.

I’m also doing that because I live with a beagle (very trying sometimes) who happens to be the handsomest beagle alive (I’ve got the pix to prove it), so why post photos of beagles who aren’t as cute as mine!