More Calico Aesthetic

I found this beautiful image from Marrakech, Morocco, on Pinterest (from hamacle via Flickr).

While it looks like the cat may be white with black rather than calico, look at the tile to which the white cat is foreground and counterpoint. Though the salmon pink color is dominant, the calico trio of orange, black, and white is integral to the design and brings in the calico palette.

I think the photographer was drawn, probably unconsciously, to photograph this cat against the tile because the cat + tile combination creates that calico palette to which we are drawn–as I wrote about yesterday in my post “The Calico Aesthetic.” The green here is a signature color of Islam, so its presence as an accent color in the tile also makes sense. I’m not sure if the salmon pink/rose color has a particular resonance in Morocco, but I take note of how our word for that shade refers it back to the kingdom of living things–the salmon and the rose.

Just as lots of recent research has discovered that our physical sensations can influence our judgment very literally (i.e., holding a warm drink makes us feel warmer toward the person we’re with), I think our sense of reality is far more influenced by our sense of the animal than we know. That is to say, our understanding of reality is very patchwork–very calico!–and is cobbled together from our intimacy with everything animal, vegetable, and mineral.