The $10 Million Dollar Calico–Super Stationmaster Tama

When I posted all the cat products in Petco that featured a calico image, I didn’t realize I was looking at small-potatoes stuff!

Tama, the stationmaster of Kishi Station, Waka...

Tama, the stationmaster of Kishi Station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just learned about this calico, Tama, in the small Japanese town of Kinokawa. She was made the honorary stationmaster after the local train line, Wakayama Electric Railway, noticed that Tama attracted lots of passenger attention when she hung out at the station.

She’s become a big tourist draw for the town, and they’re crediting her (and all the attendant Tama merchandising) with bringing in about $10 million to the formerly isolated town. She now has the title of Super Stationmaster Tama.

Here’s a CNN report about Tama and her fans.