Calico Sells!

When I went to Petco yesterday to buy Callie’s food, I saw for the first time that her Iams cat food has a calico pictured on the bag.

I wondered if this had been a subconscious influence on why I bought that particular “Hairball Control” version of the food. I wondered how often a calico’s image was used to push a product. I wondered if tricolor dogs were common in marketing dog food and supplies as well.

And of course there are the fish and the rodents! I decided to take a photo of every item for sale in my local Petco that featured a calico cat, or a tricolor dog or rodent on its packaging.

I suppose the pet food and products industry could tell me exactly how much calico or tricolor is worth in sales, but that’s not a research area of mine!

My amateur marketing study makes me think the industry thinks it’s worth about 30% of the cat market share, 50% of the dog market share, and yes, 85% of the guinea pig/hamster part of the pie!

Here are the first five products featuring calico cats.