Cat As Muse – Chris Marker

 Cat Listening to Music – Chris Marker

So what if the late French film maker Chris Marker’s cat, Guillaume-en-Egypte, isn’t a calico? This short is a lovely study of complete attunement to art, as well as a tender homage to the cat as muse, so I wanted to include it here.

Many artists believe their cats are allies in their creative work [see the site Canadian Poets Petting Cats for a taste of that relationship]. It seems cats are mysteriously drawn to the energy invoked when one is working intensely while focused inward.

Of course any cat likes a warm lap — or laptop — but why would a cat like cold, hard piano keys, if not for the magical sound and the chance to bask in its performance? Of course a dog will hang with you too, but the dog does that because of you, not because of your art. She’s there because she’s your best friend and you are hers.

The cat, however, is there for the work.

Thanks to writer, translator, and journalist Dorna Khazeni for sharing this film with me.

For more about Chris Marker’s work, see this summary:

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The music in the film is by Federico Mompou, from the album “Silent Music: Mompou by Mompou.”