Deconstructed Calico

I’ve been making a virtual collection of calico cat images on Pinterest. I have a board called “Deconstructed Calico,” because I kept finding images with the calico palette (red/orange, black, and white) that weren’t pictures of calico cats! I’ve found that trio of colors–plus the often added complement, green–on images of quilts, on African textiles, paintings of the Aboriginal dreamtime, on cat cartoons, and on stationery.

I love how it looks like the artist, photographer, or designer thought about calico cats, but then distilled out the colors and applied them in other manners than just being combined on one cat (or tricolor collie, or Beagle, or . . . . ).

I’ve been wanting to share some of these images in various blog posts, but (tech spoiler), I can’t get any of them to upload, so damn, I give up trying to share them here. I’m just going to share the link to my “Deconstructed Calico” Pinterest board instead, and you can wander on over and see the red/black/white textiles and Manets and stationery!

I hope you like all the ways in which calico gets expressed . . . if you think about it:

If you have some images of calico split into its three constituent colors–like the image below–and you want to share, please leave a comment with a link to the image.

Pinterest featue in Metro - 27th February 2012

Pinterest feature in Metro – 27th February 2012 (Photo credit: Great British Chefs)


Calicos In Business

Calico Cat Motel

I love this sign! I’ve had the image on my desktop for months, waiting to go into a blog post. It isn’t the pinkish cat image I like (not very calico), but the coloring and typography of the sign itself, especially the words “Calico Cat”. Cool, retro font! I found the photo of the sign on Pinterest (yes, home to my many calico images) and the hotel is apparently in Tacoma, WA.

I’d almost stay there just for the sign. I wonder if it’s a hip motel, or one of those, um, motels by-the-hour kind of place.

I’ve been collecting calico images in three categories beyond the obvious one of calico cat images:

1) other calico (i.e., tricolor) animals,

2) what I call “deconstructed calico”–i.e., anything using the calico palette not in one cat, and sometimes not in a cat at all, and

3) calico cats on objects (like this sign), as objects. What I might call calico-as-commodity or calicos in advertising. Regular readers of Catty Callie may remember my informal marketing survey of how often images of calicos and tricolors are used to sell pet products.

Here is another cool calico-in-business, the Cat & Fiddle in Los Angeles:

Cat & Fiddle

And just in case you’re visiting Tokyo soon, you can go to the Calico Cat Cafe (see below). Do send along any other images you’ve found of calicos in business!