Calico Cat Haiku Contest

Calico Cat Haiku

While surfing the web in search of calico + poetry memes, I found this haiku site and contest run by a woman named Origa. It’s not every day that you see haiku in English, Russian, and Japanese!

Her next Calico Cat Haiku Contest will be in November this year.

The avatar for the contest is a charming sumi-e painting of a calico cat. Look for it up in the upper left corner of the page in the link. Perhaps there’s a calico inspiring Origa’s haiku?

My favorite entry in the contest was this one by Eiko Yachimoto of Japan, with the first line, “sweet hortensia, look”.

Look for it at the bottom left of the page.

For all you Russian speakers, there is a Russian translation to the right of it!