Nope, Pastels Do Not Go With Calico

Here’s proof that pastel colors do not go with calico!

Maybe that’s why Callie rarely goes into my daughter’s room–she knows the aqua-violet-hot pink decor doesn’t suit her.

Keep this in mind when buying accessories like cat beds and jewelled collars for your calico.

The same goes for you tricolor dog (i.e., Beagle, King Charles, Collie, Aussie, etc.) owners. No pink harnesses or Easter-bunny-colored dog blankets, please! It’s just wrong.

If you dress your calico cat/dog/horse in pastels, it looks like you don’t care. Like you don’t care how your majestic Jack-o’-lantern-colored friend looks out there.

Stick with red, black, flame orange, or medium green for accessories.

Wait! Isn’t the ‘calico palette’ the typical Halloween colors–orange pumpkins, black vampires, white ghosts?

Why didn’t that dawn on me before–especially when more than one person has told me Callie looks “scary”? (I just thought it was her intimidating fluffiness and raptor-like stare.)

Callie had a beautiful red collar for a while, but somehow managed to ditch it. The black and white one with little bows she had after that looked good on her too, but it started messing up her ‘ruff’, so I don’t make her wear it now.

No worries, she’s strictly an indoor kitty (and has a chip). I wouldn’t dream of unleashing such a creature on the unsuspecting local coyotes!

If anyone out there puts their calico in pastels *on purpose*, I’d like to see a photo proving why you shouldn’t be arrested for a fashion crime!