When I first spotted Callie in her small cage at the local animal shelter, I caught my breath. I couldn’t believe such a magnificent cat was there. The information on the side of her cage said her name was “Gizmo” (hard to see how that fit her) and that she was an owner surrender. More on why she might have been “surrendered” in subsequent posts.

My daughter and I took her to a visiting area to see if we would get along. She was gentle but aloof. Unlike my previous rescue cat, Elsa, who had touched my cheek with her paw through the bars of her cage the first time I saw her, Callie didn’t try to make friends. But she was just so beautiful, and at least seemed to have a calm temperament, that we decided to adopt her right away. We couldn’t believe that other people weren’t vying for her, and that’s how we ended up bringing this regal cat home. Oh, did I mention she’s also a polydactyl?

For a poet, having a polydactyl anything land in one’s lap is just too much good fortune! (Note to self: try writing a cat poem in dactyls. Right, good luck with that!).

She still has a startling, almost fierce look in her eyes sometimes, but in the four years since we brought her home, she has become more affectionate than I ever thought she would be. However, this blog features her, well, more imperious side . . . .


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